Lexicological Section

Leksikološka sekcija

Head: Janoš Ježovnik
+386 1 470 61 71

Location: Novi Trg 4, first floor

Section Purpose and Activity

The section currently employs seventeen researchers that are engaged in lexicographic and research activities, particularly for contemporary Slovenian. Language content is prepared for professional and general users, and in recent years special attention has also been directed to younger language users. Members are engaged in research on phonology, semantics, morphology, word formation, syntax, lexicology, phraseology, paremiology, genrefication, stylistics, etymology, normativity, sociolinguistics, and dialectology. Some members teach at the ZRC SAZU Graduate School, the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts, and the University of Nova Gorica’s Faculty of Humanities, and they also frequently appear as guest lecturers in Slovenia and abroad.

The following five growing dictionaries are being compiled within the section: eSSKJ – Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika (eSSKJ: Standard Slovenian Dictionary, 2016–), Šolski slovar slovenskega jezika (Slovenian School Dictionary, 2019–; editor-in-chief Špela Petric Žižić), Sprotni slovar slovenskega jezika (Contemporary Slovenian Dictionary, 2014–; editor-in-chief Domen Krvina), Slovar neglagolske vezljivosti (Nonverbal Valency Dictionary, 2020–; Andreja Žele), and Slovar pregovorov in sorodnih paremioloških izrazov (Dictionary of Proverbs and Related Paremiological Expressions, 2020–; Matej Meterc).

Members of the section are involved in creating, editing, and improving the Fran and Franček language portals. In addition to adding and editing language content, they are also responsible for educational activities, technical support, visualization of language data, and promotion of language content and linguistic research in general. They are members of the organizing committees of research conferences (the Obdobja symposia, International Dictionary Day, Skrabec Days, etc.). 

The section is compiling the Lemma Database and developing ZRCola 2, and its members also compose the answers and serve on the editorial board for the Language Advisory Service, which operates under the auspices of the Orthgraphic Section.

Within the section, some seminal works for Slovenian have been and are being created, including:

Members of the section also perform editorial work for:

Current Projects

Members of the Lexicology Section have been or are involved in the following programs and projects: 

Media Presence

Achievements by members of the section also appear in the media, where they frequently present their work:

They help create the Beseda tedna (Word of the Week) column in the print and online editions of the newspaper Delo.