Orthographic Section

člani pravopisne sekcije

Head: Helena Dobrovoljc
+386 1 4706 432

Location: Novi Trg 4, fifth floor

Section Purpose and Activity

The section employs seven researchers engaged in lexicographic and research activities, especially in connection with standard Slovenian and its expressive forms. The main task of the section is to coordinate preparation of new normative rules (Pravopis 8.0), which are being created in cooperation with the SAZU and ZRC SAZU Normative Committee, and the associated normative dictionary (ePravopis). In their desire to make the manual as useful as possible, they pay special attention to the language issues of language users, and they answer language questions via the up-to-date online Language Advisory Service, while at the same time gathering information for a collection of language issues. Members conduct research on standard language theory, word formation, geographical names, dialectology, lexicology, phraseology, and paremiology.

Some members teach at the ZRC SAZU Graduate School, the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Social Sciences, and the University of Nova Gorica’s Faulty of Humanities, and they also frequently appear as guest lecturers in Slovenia and abroad.

Two growing dictionaries are being compiled within the section: ePravopis (e-Normative Guide, 2016–), which all members of the section are working on, and Slovar pregovorov in sorodnih paremioloških izrazov (Dictionary of Proverbs and Related Paremiological Expressions, 2020–) by Matej Meterc.

The members of the section are involved in creating, editing, and improving the language portals Fran, Franček, and Language Advisory Service.

The section regularly publishes scholarly volumes with articles on issues that researchers encounter in their normative work:

Based on the questions from the Language Advisory Service page and in cooperation with two members of the Lexicological Section, the volume Kje pa vas jezik žuli? Prva pomoč iz Jezikovne svetovalnice (Tell Me Where Your Tongue Hurts: First Aid from the Language Advisory Service; Helena Dobrovoljc, Nataša Gliha Komac, Mija Michelizza, Urška Vranjek Ošlak, Tina Lengar Verovnik, & Peter Weiss, 2020) was produced. It received the Excellence in Science Award.

The section also produces electronic publications:

Members of the section also perform editorial work for:

Current Programs and Projects

Members of the section have been or are involved in the following programs and projects:

Media Presence

Achievements by members of the section also appear in the media, where they frequently present their work:

They help create the Beseda tedna (Word of the Week) column in the print and online editions of the newspaper Delo, and they take part in broadcasts of RTV Kiks.