Slovenian participation in the Biblia Slavica international series

fundamental research project

The aim of the proposed research project is to prepare few remaining Slovenian volumes of the Biblia Slavica international series that is intended for the publication of the oldest translations of the Bible into Slavonic and Baltic languages. The series is published in Germany. So far Cezch, Polish, Russian, Byelorussian, Croatian, Slovac and Lithuanian translations have been published and the translation of Bible into Sorbian is in preparation. Slovenian parts of the series should include Trubar's and Dalmatin's translation (except for Dalmatin's bible from 1584 that has already been published twice as a fascimile) and theological, linguistic and other commentaries. In the frame of the proposed project the linguistic commentaries and the list of proper and common nouns from the Protestant Biblical translations of the 16. century should be developed. Linguistic commentaries should focus first of all on the structure of the vocabulary and on the developmental changes. Furthermore, the focusal point of translation of linguistic commentaries depends on the language of original texts. The list of common nouns should be designed on the basis of excerption of all Trubar's and Dalmatin"s Biblical translations (all together 12 works, including Dalmatin"s Bible). The theoretical basis for the above mentioned task has already been prepared. The grammatical information (on part-of-speech, gender for nouns, aspect for verbs etc.) and information about the sources are to be added and homonyms are to be put separately. The data will be reliable as they are obtained on the analyisis of collected material and based on the knowledge of historical linguistic facts and historical grammar. In the less explicit cases foreign translation will also be considered. The list of personal and geographical names will be collected from the translation of the New Testament and will contain paralell citations from Trubar"s and Dalmatin"s translation of Bible.