Researcher on the project the New Dictionary of Slovene language (Novi slovar slovenskega jezika)

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Research interests

Tanja Mirtič’s research is in the field of accentuation, lexicography, onomastics and history of Slovene.

She participates in the preparation of the Dictionary of Newer Standard Slovene Words and the New Dictionary of Slovene language. Her research focuses on accent in dictionary entries and the presentation of inflection patterns.

She has been translating fiction from Czech into Slovene. Currently she is translating poetry for an anthology of Czech poetry composed after 1945.

Selected publications

MIRTIČ, Tanja: Odrazi praslovanskih naglasnih tipov a-jevske sklanjatve v govoru vasi Dolnje in Gorenje Mraševo. Paper at the conference Dani akcentologije, Zagreb, 10.–12. 3. 2011.

MIRTIČ, Tanja: Lastno imenje vasi Dolnje in Gorenje Mraševo. Honours Thesis. Ljubljana 2010, 70 pp.

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 14 February 1983 in Novo mesto.

2010: graduated (BA Hons.) from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, in comparative Slavic linguistics and history. Currently (in 2011/2012) she is studying Czech (Year 4) and the first year of PhD Studies in the field of linguistics.

2003: participated in one-month course of Czech at the University of West Bohemia in Plzno.

2008: studied in the summer semester in Charles University in Prague.

Since 2011: employed in the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language, ZRC SAZU.

Research areas

Linguistics H350 • Lexicology H353 • History of language H355 • Onomastics H370 


accentuation • lexicography • onomastics • Czech studies