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Matej Meterc, PhD

Research Associate, Researcher in the project of compiling eSSKJ; Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language, 3rd Edition, and Compilation of the Dictionary of proverbs and similar paremiological expressions 

+386 1 470 61 83

Novi trg 4 (1st floor)

Researcher's IDs
38080 (ARRS)

Matej Meterc (5 July 1984) is a researcher at the Lexicological Section of the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language. His research focuses on contemporary phraseology, paremiology and lexicography. He participates in the making of the new orthographic dictionary ePravopis, the 3rd edition of the Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language (eSSKJ; 2016–), the Growing Dictionary of the Slovenian Language and answers questions at the Language Counselling site. He is chief editor of the Dictionary of proverbs and similar paremiological expressions.

Research Areas

  • Slovene and Slavic phraseology and paremiology
  • lexicology
  • corpus analysis of the lexical, phraseological and paremiological units
  • lexicography, phraseography and paremiography
  • phraseological and paremiological terminology

Education, Academic and Scientific Titles

  • 2019–: research fellow, ZRC SAZU, Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language
  • 2018-: PhD assistant researcher, Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor (project Slovene on the Palm of Your Hand)
  • 2014: PhD thesis: Primerjava paremiologije v slovenskem in slovaškem jeziku na osnovi paremiološkega optimuma (Comparison of the Paremiology in Slovene and Slovak Languages on the Basis of the Paremiological Optimum), Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
  • 2010: BA degrees in A – Slovak Language and Literature and B – Russian Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
  • 2003: exit examination, Gimnazija Jesenice, Jesenice

Employments, Leadership Positions and Competences


  • 2018–­: secondary employment, Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor
  • 2015–: ZRC SAZU, Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language
  • 2010–2012: Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bratislava (translator)


Leadership Positions:

  • 2018–2020: leader of the postdoctoral research project Contemporary usage of the Slovenian proverbial expressions: the corpus and the lexicographic view (1. August 2018–31. July 2020, code: Z6-9378)


Work in Editorial Boards and Expert Commissions

  • 2021–: member of the editorial board of the linguistic journal Proverbium. Yearbook of International Proverb Scholarship.


Outstanding Achievements, Awards and Grants

  • 2018–2021: participation in the project Slovene in the Palm of Your Hand, University of Maribor, the aim of which is to develop an interactive learning environment for the Slovene language (as mother tongue) in elementary and secondary schools
  • 2017: scientific monograph Paremiological optimum (most well-known and most frequent proverbs and similar paremiological units)
  • 2013 grant recipient, Ustanova patra Stanislava Škrabca
Research areas
Linguistics H350
Lexicology H353
Applied linguistics, foreign languages teaching, sociolinguistics H360
Baltic and Slavonic languages and literatures H590

phraseology • paremiology • phraseography • paremiography • corpus linguistics • lexicography