Karmen Nemec

Supervisor, Technical Assistant at the Terminological Section

+386 1 470 62 39


Novi trg 4 (3rd floor)

Researcher's IDs
17535 (ARRS)

Karmen Nemec (2 March 1970) is a technical assistant at the Terminological Section, where she currently participates in the making of the Terminological Dictionary of Agronomy, Terminological Dictionary of Animal Science, Geological Terminological Dictionary, Dictionary of European Union Terminology and General Technical Dictionary. Before that, she participated in technical processing of the material for the Dictionary of Mountaineering Terminology, Gemmological Terminological Dictionary, Dictionary of Theatre Terminology, Geographical Terminological Dictionary, Pharmaceutical Terminological Dictionary and Dictionary of Legal Terminology. She also participated in organization of several expert meeting and conferences. At the beginning of her activity at the Lexicological Section, she worked as a technical assistant and participated in the making of the 5th volume of the Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language, one-volume edition of the Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language, Reverse Dictionary of the Slovenian Language and the Lexis of the Slovenian Language with Morphological Information.

Education, Academic and Scientific Titles

  • 1988: secondary school, papermaking technician

Employments, Leadership Positions and Competences


  • 1989–: ZRC SAZU, Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language