Researcher on the project the New Dictionary of Slovene language (Novi slovar slovenskega jezika)

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Research interests

Boris Kern’s research focuses on modern lexicology and lexicography, word formation and semantics. He participates in the preparations of the Dictionary of Newer Standard Slovene Words and the New Dictionary of Slovene language.

He teaches Slovene in the Centre for Slovene as a Second / Foreign Language and is a member of the Committee for Slovene Language Examinations.

Between 2004 and 2006 he participated in the formation of an online course “Distance learning of Slovene”.

He also works as a translator; his translation from Polish into Slovene of the novel Lubiewo by Polish writer Michał Witkowski was published in 2010.

Selected publications

KERN, Boris. Analiza besedotvornih sklopov glagola stopiti. Jezikoslovni zapiski 17/1 (2011). pp. 127–142.

KERN, Boris. Stopenjske tvorjenke iz glagolov čutnega zaznavanja. Družina v slovenskem jeziku, literaturi in kulturi: zbornik predavanj 47. SSJLK. Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana, 2011, pp. 156–160.

KERN, Boris. Stopenjsko besedotvorje. Slavistična revija XXLVIII/3 (2010), pp. 335–348.

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Curriculum Vitae

2008: graduated (BA Hons.) from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, in Slovene language and literature and comparative Slavic linguistics. He has been also studying Polish language and literature (BA to be completed in the near future).

He participated in several student exchange programs: spent one semester in the Institute for Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University (2004/2005, 2007); in the Faculty of Arts, University of Zagreb (2006); and one month each in Warsaw (2008) and Zagreb (2011).

2008: started postgraduate studies in Slovene literary language and stylistics.

Since 2009: has been employed in the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language, ZRC SAZU.

Research areas

Linguistics H350 • Grammar, semantics, semiotics, syntax H352 • Lexicology H353 • Baltic and Slavonic languages and literatures H590 


lexicography • word formation • semantics • Polish studies