Zbrani jezikoslovni spisi 1 & 2

Author: France Bezlaj
Year: 2003

The Collected Papers on Linguistics I–II bring a facsimile reprint of over 184 writings by the Slovenian etymologist and historical linguist France Bezlaj (1910–1993). They are grouped into seven thematic sections. The most extensive section Among words and names comprises the whole first volume and represents the core part of Bezlaj’s work in the fields of etymology, lexicology, onomastics and the origin of languages. Together with his books – the most outstanding being the Etymological Dictionary of the Slovenian Language I (1976), II (1982), III (1995), and The Slovenian Hydronyms I–II (1956, 1961) – these studies have brought him a permanent and high position among the Slavic scholars.

The chapter From grammar comprises articles discussing Slavic grammar. In the chapter On the Slovenian language the papers concerning individual, still topical issues on contemporary Slovenian are presented. The chapter On the Etymological Dictionary of the Slovenian Language reveals Bezlaj’s professional dilemmas between wishes and reality in the compilation of this dictionary. The fifth chapter Reports, reviews and statements is also very extensive, focusing especially on Bezlaj’s notable work as a reviewer. Portraits and self-portraits comprise the articles on eminent Slovenian and Slavic linguists: Fran Miklošič, Fran Ramovš, Max Vasmer, Petar Skok, Václav Machek ... Eight interviews which conclude this chapter reveal how others have perceived France Bezlaj and his work. The last chapter is Appendix and brings six papers in which apiculture and ethnologic topics combine with linguistics. The Collected Papers on Linguistics I–II include several indexes and other aids that provide the reader with a better insight into the rich variety of topics from the central part.
The work is intended for researchers of the Slovenian and other Slavic languages, historical linguists and etymologists all over the world. It will also prove useful for those researchers in other areas which combine their findings with the information on cultural-historical features of the language and for students of Slavic departments. With the use of indexes this work will also be helpful and informative for everybody who is interested in the origin and the etymology of Slovenian words and names or in individual questions concerning the Slovenian language.

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