Slovenska skladnja v oblikoskladenjsko in skladenjsko označenih korpusih slovenščine

Author: Nina Ledinek
Year: 2014

The monograph presents the design processes of specifications for morphosyntactic and surface syntactic annotation of corpora of Slovene, as they were designed in the context of Linguistic Annotation of Slovene project and upgraded under the Communication in Slovene project. It provides a detailed account of the dilemmas that have arisen during the design and presents the adopted solutions. The book also presents a study of co-occurrence relations between selected verbal lemmas and typical constructions in their local contexts as evidenced by corpus data and discusses the possibility of semi-automatically extracting lemmas that occur in specific lexico-grammatical constructions from large morphosyntactically and syntactically annotated corpora of Slovene based on (a list of) pre-identified lexico-grammatical constructions. Such information can be used not only in the development of human language technologies, but also to upgrade existing Slovene language resources.

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corpus linguistics
Slovene language


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