The Lexicon and the Course of Lexical Isoglosses in Slovene Dialects in Austrian Carinthia

applied research project
Basic Info


This three-year research project will continue research into the lexicon of Slovene dialects in Austrian Carinthia. In its final form, the research will be arranged into two sections, from Kd to Na, making up part of the Dictionary of Slovene Popular Speech in Carinthia. The dictionary is bilingual: the headwords are standardised forms of Slovene dialectal lexemes, while the explanatory text is in German. Completion of the dictionary is the first of five partial aims of the extensive ‘Lexical Inventorisation of Slovene Popular Speech in Carinthia’ project. The third partial aim will begin to be realised with the production of the two sections of the dictionary: the preparation of lexical maps in order to determine the course of the lexical isoglosses in this area. With the help of software developed for the Slovene Linguistic Atlas, a basic digital map will be compiled containing a network of data points and at least 5 lexical/word-formation or semantic maps.