Pravopisne kategorije ePravopisa 2021

Edited by: Manca Černivec, Helena Dobrovoljc, Tina Lengar Verovnik, Urška Vranjek Ošlak
Year: 2022

Pravopisne kategorije ePravopisa 2021 ('Orthographic Categories of ePravopis 2021') include descriptions of the completed orthographic categories, allowing language users to follow the process of normative rules and orthographic dictionary reform. The dictionary (ePravopis) contains entries with specific information on word notation, pronunciation, usage within a text, morphological features and word-formation possibilities; the orthographic category information, on the other hand, provides the user with additional knowledge about the problem area of Slovenian orthography and the rules to which the selected dictionary entry refers. It also explains which other words belong to this category and how the problem is solved in the normative rules. Orthographic Categories of ePravopis 2021 include fourteen new orthographic categories: (1) Musical terms, (2) Astrological signs, (3) Names of celestial bodies and phenomena, (4) Names of islands, peninsulas, archipelagos, (5) Italian, (6) Non-settlement names, (7) Subordinate compounds, (8) Demonyms (deriving from names of cities), (9) Borrowed common nouns, (10) Adjectives (from geographic non-settlement names), (11) Coordinative compounds, (12) Possessive adjectives (from geographic names), (13) Possessive adjectives (from common nouns), (14) Spanish.

orthographic dictionaries
orthographic rules
Slovene language


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