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Davčni terminološki slovar

editor-in-chief: Mateja Jemec Tomazin
Year: 2022

Davčni terminološki slovar ('The Tax Terminology Dictionary') is the first Slovenian terminology dictionary with definitions from the field of taxes. The terms are explained with terminological definitions that represent the conceptual system of the Slovenian tax system. The dictionary also points out the use of pointers to contribute to the unification of terminology in the field of taxes. It contains 1060 dictionary entries. Among them are 155 indicative dictionary entries that guide the user to a term with priority. It also contains 993 English and 942 Croatian equivalents. The dictionary was created on the basis of a conceptual approach involving interdisciplinary participation of field experts and terminologists. In particular, it is aimed at professionals dealing with taxation, protection of taxpayers' rights or public finance, as well as professionals dealing with tax-related systems such as social work. A certain level of expertise is required to use the dictionary, but it can also be used by others who need professionally credible information on terminology in the field.

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