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Terminological Section

člani terminološke sekcije

Head: Mojca Žagar Karer
+386 1 470 62 23

Location: Novi Trg 4, third floor

Section Purpose and Activity

The section currently employs five researchers and one adjunct member. They are engaged in producing terminological dictionaries, in which they cooperate with recognized experts in individual fields. They are also involved in terminology consultation and terminology research. The language content created in the section is intended for specialized users, especially experts in various fields, as well as others that encounter terminology in their work. In terms of research, the members of the section focus on the methodology of terminological work, users of terminology, terminological principles, normative issues, determinologization, and the development of terminology in Slovenian. Some members teach at the ZRC SAZU Graduate School, and they also frequently appear as guest lecturers in Slovenia and abroad.

The section is currently compiling ten terminological dictionaries, covering agronomy, botany (2nd ed.), physiotherapy, firefighting, theater (2nd ed.), stonemasonry, criminology, computer science, technology, teaching the visually impaired, and animal husbandry.

Since 2013, the members of the section have been editing the Terminologišče website, where they present their work (among other things, an annually updated list of articles and volumes on terminology by the section’s members is available), publish terminological dictionaries (which are also accessible via the Fran portal), and answer questions on the Terminology Counselling Service webpage.

Within the section, the following seminal works for Slovenian have been and are being created:

Current Projects

Members of the section have been or are involved in the following programs and projects:

Media Presence

Achievements by members of the section also appear in the media, where they frequently present their work:

  • Ja, tudi beton lahko krvavi (Yes, Concrete Can Bleed Too), featuring Mitja Trojar and Mojca Žagar Karer on the radio program Jezikovni pogovori on RTVSLO (2021)
  • Slovenska smučarska terminologija (Slovenian Skiing Terminology), featuring Simon Atelšek on the radio program KiKs on RTVSLO (2021)
  • Pomembno je, da se razumemo (It’s Important for Us to Understand Each Other), interview with Mojca Žagar Karer in the column Znanstvenica spreminja svet in the newspaper Delo (2021)
  • Coaching, timbilding in zagonsko podjetje (‘Coaching’, ‘Teambuilding’, and ‘Startup Company’), featuring Mojca Žagar Karer on the radio program Jezikanje on RTVSLO (2019)
  • Socialna mobilnost (Social Mobility), featuring Mojca Žagar Karer on the television program Na kratko on RTVSLO (2019)
  • Takoj ko so začeli zakone zapisovati, se je vse zapletlo (As Soon as They Started Writing Down the Laws, Everything Got Complicated), interview with Mateja Jemec Tomazin in the magazine Gea (2019)
  • Pravni terminološki slovar (Dictionary of Legal Terminology), featuring Mateja Jemec Tomazin on the television program Dobro jutro on RTVSLO (2018)
  • Čebelarski jezik (Beekeeping Language), featuring Milka Bokal, Janez Gregori, and Simon Atelšek on the radio program Jezikovni pogovori on RTVSLO (2015)

They help create the Beseda tedna (Word of the Week) column in the print and online editions of the newspaper Delo.