Duša Race, PhD

Research Assistant, PhD, Researcher in the project of compiling eSSKJ; Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language, 3rd Edition

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Researcher's IDs
39184 (ARRS)

Duša Race (15. 6. 1988) is a researcher in the Lexicology Section of the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language. In her research work, she deals with language variation and style, especially from the perspective of labelling in general dictionaries.

She dedicates herself to the issue of modern display of dictionary content online for various users and participates in the visualisation of dictionary contents and other linguistic data published on the language portals Fran and Franček.

She participates in the preparation of eSSKJ: Dictionary of the Slovene Standard Language, 3rd edition, Growing Dictionary of the Slovenian Language and School Dictionary of the Slovenian Language. She is the technical co-editor of the journal Slovenski jezik / Slovene Linguistic Studies.

Research areas

  • lexicology
  • lexicography
  • language variation
  • stylistics

Education, Academic and Scientific Titles

  • 2021: PhD thesis: Colloquial Language: Types and Positions (in Slovene), Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
  • 2015: MA thesis in Slovenian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
  • 2013: BA thesis in Slovenian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana


  • 2016–: ZRC SAZU, Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language

Work in Editorial Boards and Expert Commissions

  • 2021–: Editorial Board of the portal Franček


Friar Stanislav Škrabec Foundation grant (2016/17)
Research areas
Linguistics H350
Lexicology H353
Applied linguistics, foreign languages teaching, sociolinguistics H360

Lexicology • Lexicography • Stylistics